Spartan Virtual Race – Sprint

My office decided to allow everyone to work virtually in an effort to keep our staff safe from COVID-19. I looked at this as an opportunity to perhaps work on getting in shape. I decided to get a treadmill and put it in my home office. The treadmill has been great and I have been […]

Niagara Falls over Labor Day weekend

Went to Niagara Falls over the labor day weekend. It is truly a breathtaking! I have added some pictures if you care to take a look.

Going Bananas!

There have been no bananas on these trees in probably over eight years and just out of the blue the other day there were a bunch of them. A few days later more were on the other tree. I guess we will be having bananas soon! I can’t wait for them to ripen up!

Built a Reef Wall for our Aquarium

We bought a used 125 Gallon Saltwater tank. This was a nightmare as the tank actually needed to be resealed. After finally getting everything set up and working I started wondering what we could do with the plain back wall. As anyone looking to be inspired I decided to dig around on google to see what others had […]

ICE at Gaylords Palms left me feeling a bit chilly

My wife and I decided to go to ICE at Gaylord Palms after we had turkey this Thanksgiving. The theme this year was The Nutcracker and as always the sculptures did not disappoint. They  handed out the big blue jackets, but this year there were no gloves provided. As we haven’t been in a couple […]

Happy Easter Everybody

I hope everyone had a great Easter! I know we did. I took my Children to the Orlando Moose Lodge 766 on Saturday to celebrate Easter a little early. Everyone was having a good time and it was great event. (One of many events each year)  The lodge had a variety of activities for children. […]

Moose Legionnaire Initiation Ceremony

March 1st through March 2nd My wife and I attended the Moose Legion Celebration at Merritt Island Moose Lodge #2073. The Merritt Island Moose Lodge is a really nice lodge. The lodge has a great outdoor area, nice bar, good dance hall, and most importantly friendly members. I enjoyed meeting several people while we were […]