Moose Legionnaire Initiation Ceremony

merrittislandMarch 1st through March 2nd My wife and I attended the Moose Legion Celebration at Merritt Island Moose Lodge #2073. The Merritt Island Moose Lodge is a really nice lodge. The lodge has a great outdoor area, nice bar, good dance hall, and most importantly friendly members. I enjoyed meeting several people while we were there. Everyone was very friendly, warm, and welcoming to all of us. The members made us feel at home and I am certain that is a large part of why the celebration went so well.

martinlewisThe first day we had front row seats to watch a Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis show. The show was excellent the performers were believable as Martin and Lewis. Everyone agreed that Jerry Lewis was exceptionally good. He certainly had a lot of energy and really went all out. However I did think the person playing Martin looked more realistic than the person playing Lewis. After the show Sue went back to our room at the hotel, and I stopped in the hotel bar with a few of the others who were there for the celebration. We could clearly tell this was not the kind of bar that we belonged in and left pretty quickly.

1512404_10203349817174500_776477413_nThe next day was the enrollment ceremony  which involved a bit of hazing. The enrollment ceremony was exciting because I would become a Moose Legionnaire which is the next level/rank. Moose International calls it the Degree of Service.   It was also really great because John and Alex who I sponsored into the Moose were there to become Moose Legionnaires as well. I found the ceremony to be quite interesting and I learned a great deal. Despite the hazing I think we all had fun and I am glad I took the next step.