Book Review: Island Shifters (An Oath of the Blood)

islandshifters2This is the first book in the Island Shifters series by Valerie Zambito. The book follows a group of friends who each control a different elemental ability and because of these abilities as part of a blood oath they are sworn to protect their world. Before long these friends will find themselves up against a plot to destroy their world and all that they care for. Valerie Zambito has done a good job telling their story while developing these characters and the story in a compelling way. I know a book is good when I lose track of time and realize I only have a couple of hours to sleep before I need to be at work. This happened on more than one night while reading this book.

islandshiftersOne thing that bothered me was at one point it seemed like a major character had died and then suddenly in the next paragraph that character was fine. No explanation as to what had happened.  I read that section several more times to see what I had missed and finally just chalked it up to the verbiage used in that section. Despite that I did enjoy the book and would recommend reading it.

Anyone else read this book? What did you think? Did you have the same issue I talked about above or was the issue with me? I look forward to your comments below.