Happy Easter Everybody

I hope everyone had a great Easter! I know we did. I took my Children to the Orlando Moose Lodge 766 on Saturday to celebrate Easter a little early. Everyone was having a good time and it was great event. (One of many events each year)  The lodge had a variety of activities for children. There was an egg hunt divided up into groups by ages so it would be fair to each child, several carnival style games, food, drinks, candy, and even an Easter bunny. There was a pretty decent turn out and I will urge everyone I know to stop by next year.

My children enjoyed the dart game where each child won a prize by popping a balloon. The children had as many chances as needed and even if they didn’t pop a balloon they received a prize. At one point when Matt was putting up new balloons the board fell and made  a loud noise. No one was hurt, and afterwards everyone laughed a bit. There was also a tin can game where children threw a ball at stacked cans and won a prize. Lots of children lined up to play. At one point even the ping-pong tables were brought out, and some adults enjoyed playing a game or two.

After all the children’s festivities were wrapping up the Easter bunny played by my friend Alex went a little crazy. He started off by drinking beer like a frat-boy, then he  hopped around the dance floor, and finally he decided it was ‘getting hot in here’ which ended up with some clothing being removed. See the VSFW photo below. All in all it was a great Easter because of fantastic family, the best of friends, and an organization I am a proud member of.