ICE at Gaylords Palms left me feeling a bit chilly

WP_20141127_19_33_54_ProMy wife and I decided to go to ICE at Gaylord Palms after we had turkey this Thanksgiving. The theme this year was The Nutcracker and as always the sculptures did not disappoint. They  handed out the big blue jackets, but this year there were no gloves provided. As we haven’t been in a couple of years I do not know how recently this has changed, but if you are going I recommend bringing a pair. Seriously. Bring. Gloves.

WP_20141127_19_24_15_ProSomething that was new though, was the On The Blocks bar! Visiting the bar was an extra fee, but included in the fee were two free drinks and a cheapo souvenir cup that lit up. The people in there were friendly and it was also very cold. I thought this should have been more towards the end and not right at the beginning as the drinks are very cold and without gloves it almost becomes unbearable.
WP_20141127_19_41_19_SmartAnother new item was a small “workshop” type area that featured one of the artist working on some of the sculptures. I actually really enjoyed getting to watch him work. These people are very skilled and make things out of ice that are just beyond impressive.  I wish I had 1/4 of the talent they have. If it had not been so cold I probably would have watched him work till they kicked me out.

On a positive note, we had fun this year and really enjoyed the display. I think it normally costs about $50.00 – $60.00 per couple, which isn’t  bad for what you are getting. I did think there were more sculptures in the past and the display took much longer to get through. I also was rather annoyed that after all the money we spent that Gaylord Palms hit us up for almost another $20.00 in parking for the hour we were there. That nearly ruined the evening for me, it just felt like Gaylord Palms didn’t really care about us as customers.

Here are some pictures of the display…