Built a Reef Wall for our Aquarium

We bought a used 125 Gallon Saltwater tank. This was a nightmare as the tank actually needed to be resealed. After finally getting everything set up and working I started wondering what we could do with the plain back wall. As anyone looking to be inspired I decided to dig around on google to see what others had done. That is when I came across this post http://www.fishlore.com/build-live-rock-wall.htm.  Thanks Mike for the fantastic idea. I immediately decided this is what I wanted to do. I hit amazon and ordered everything, but the live rock. I had some from a smaller tank that we had torn down so I used it.

The process was very easy and I have included some pictures below. Sorry for the mess, I stirred things up a bit getting the two wall pieces in there. I will add more photos once the tank has aged a bit.

[envira-gallery id=”703″]
Some of you may notice the hole in the middle and a little egg crate showing… I am adding a power head there and then will patch the visible egg crate.